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Townsend Grange

Townsend Grange

Old Grange building, Town of Dix, Schyuler County, NY about 2 miles outside of the village of Watkins Glen.
In the words of town historian, Andrew Tompkins, the Museum Director, who writes that the following is from 85 year-old Marian Boyce, who lives down the road and has been a Grange member for years and is the current president:
"The Grange Hall in Townsend is owned by Townsend Grange #1208. We have been a grange for 100 years. When the Baptist Church (original owners) ceased, the property returned to the original owner (who was a Grange member) and he deeded the property to the Grange. The Grange is still active but cannot meet in the building as the red foundation beams have almost turned to powder. The Grange is seeking grants, etc. to repair the Hall. The Church was built in 1864 and given to the Grange in the late 1940s."